Named after the god of water, this Kano takes to the waterways of Madison, WI, and the mighty Wisconsin River. Kano was the second addition to our fleet, and is our first prototype of a handicap accessible boat, which we are still in our R&D stages of finalizing. With Kano, and the rest of our fleet, we hope to truly be the most inclusive boating company in the state. This pontoon comfortably holds up to 8 people and their coolers, with an overall length of 24 feet, powered by a 75hp outboard motor.



Named after one of the principal deities of Hinduism, who embodies strength and has four arms, Shiva is a perfect name for our quadtoon. It’s also nicknamed Quadzilla because of the four toons we used to build this third addition to our fleet. Based on our first prototype (Kano), Shiva is able to handle an enormous amount of weight and get into 9 inches of water. The Shiva is our river monster and spends most days cruising the Wisconsin River and Lake Wisconsin. This pontoon comfortably holds up to 12 people and their coolers with an overall length of 28 feet, powered by a 90hp outboard motor


Named after the love for travel, Gypsy is our first Shuttle Bus in the fleet. Sticking to our goal of becoming handicap accessible, Gypsy is fully equipped to handle three wheelchairs, and is our first service to offer a truly inclusive experience for all.