50% deposit due at the time of reservation payable by Visa, Mastercard, or Discover. The remaining balance will be charged 14 days prior to the start of your scheduled trip.

Cancellation Policy

  • Get a FULL REFUND of your deposit if you cancel up to 15 days prior to your trip
  • Get a SERVICE CREDIT for the full amount of your trip, which is good for the same camping season, if you cancel 1-14 days prior to the trip.
  • Once your scheduled day arrives, there are no refunds or credits unless Shoreline needs to cancel due to lightening or high winds.  If Shoreline cancels, you’ll receive a full refund.

Weather/Rain Policy
Camping & Boating are an outdoor experience so we do expect you to have rain gear and be prepared for such events as best you can. Understand mother-nature is in charge and we have to adapt to her moods.

Campsite Availability Policy: You will be camping on public property on the Wisconsin River. We are dependent on the river and availability of camping sites. If the water level is too high, we will put you up on a wooded island. If you prefer a wooded campsite instead of a beach campsite, just let us know.


In consideration of Shoreline Inclusive Camping furnishing services and/or camping facilities and/or equipment to enable me to participate in canoeing, tubing, kayaking, camping or other recreational activities I agree as follows:

I fully understand that there are risks, hazards and dangers associated with the services and activities provided by Shoreline Inclusive Camping. These risks include the uncertainties of the river or of the weather, hazards in the river, collisions while traveling by vehicle or on the river, altercations with other people on the river, including altercations with other participants in the same activity, and with the uncertainty of conditions in and outdoor environment. I understand that the description of these risks is not complete and that other unknown or unanticipated risks may result in injury or death. I AM VOLUNTARILY PARTICIPATING IN THESE ACTIVITES AND AM USING THE SERVICES OF DAN RIVER CAMPGROUND WITH FULL KNOWLEDGE OF THE RISKS INVOLVED AND I ACCEPT AND ASSUME ALL RISK OF THE ACTIVITES AND SERVICES WHETHER OR NOT DESCRIBED ABOVE, KNOWN OR UNKNOWN, FORESEEABLE OR UNFORESEEN. I UNDERSTAND THAT THESE RISKS MAY INCLUDE LOSS OF PROPERTY OR INJURY TO PERSON OR DEATH.
I agree for myself and for all minors for whom am parent or guardian for my heirs, successors and assigns, that I release Shoreline Inclusive Camping, it’s owners, agents and employees from any and all claims, damages, and injuries, including all injuries to person or to property, arising directly or indirectly out of the activities or services provided by Shoreline Inclusive Camping.
This release and the following indemnification includes any claims arising, in whole or in part from negligent acts or omissions of Shoreline Inclusive Camping, it’s owners, agents or employees.